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Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

The postgraduate certificate in teaching and learning in higher education is a professional qualification program for postgraduate students and research assistants at the Clausthal University of Technology. Participants gain a practical and theoretical background in teaching and learning in Higher Education. The program focuses on the teaching role and how to apply modern methods in the participant’s own teaching practice. It also addresses the diverse ways in which students learn.   

The program starts once per year in March and lasts 12 to 18 months. Up to 14 participants take part in a number of workshops, class observations and moderated discussions with their colleagues. They remain in a fixed group, which facilitates the exchange on reflective procedures and their experience with new teaching methods. To complete the qualification, a portfolio has to be written by each participant. The overall workload of the program equals 140 work units (AE, 1 AE = 45 min) or  5 credit points in the European Credit Transfer Systems (ECTS).

The Postgraduate Certificate is organized and realized in cooperation with the Section for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education of the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen.


The Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education is currently only offered in German.

Module I: Basics of Teaching and Learning (54 AE)

Main objective of Module I is the reflection of the participants’ own teaching practices and beliefs. Furthermore, basic tools and methods for teaching in higher education are provided.

  • Workshops: Basics of teaching and learning 1, 2 and 3 (30 AE)
  • Workshop: Active Learning (12 AE)
  • Workshop: Presentation skills (12 AE)



Module II: Advanced skills and abilities for instructors (36 AE)

Major topics are student counselling and assessment. An additional workshop of choice offers the possibility to individually enhance knowledge in subject specific areas of interest.

  • Workshop: Assessment and evaluation (12 AE)
  • Workshop: Counselling and mediation (12 AE)
  • Workshop of choice of the open workshop program (12 AE)    



Module III: Taking theory into practice (32 AE)

As the final part of the program, Module III is centered around the documentation of the skills and abilities that have been gained during the program and how to take these into teaching practice. To this purpose, each participant designs and elaborates a teaching portfolio on their individual teaching beliefs, practices and experiences.

  • Teaching portfolio (32 AE)



Accompanying measures

During the whole program self-reflection processes and the application of new methods are encouraged and supported by discussions among the participants.

  • Class observation by a colleague (10 AE)
  • Moderated teaching dialogues among participants (8 AE)




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