Center for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (ZHD)


The Center for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education of Clausthal University of Technology (TU Clausthal) was established in 2011. Our aim is to provide support and advice for all faculty at TU Clausthal to create a learning environment where students can succeed and teaching is valued. We offer open teaching and learning workshops, a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, a teaching certificate for student tutors, a training program for student counselors, advice on technology-enhanced learning tool and consulting for departments and chairs as well as individual coaching for instructors.

Together with various other actors the ZHD also works towards a quality management system in the area of teaching and learning at TU Clausthal. Our main focus is the documentation of all teaching and learning related processes to provide a sound base for the future implementation of quality management tools.

We invite all interested teachers and learners to get in touch with us  and to work with us towards a culture of teaching and learning that facilitates learning, values teaching at university level and promotes the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Teaching and Learning Services

Our teaching and learning services address all university teaching levels: (assistant) professors, postgraduate students, research assistants and student tutors and counselors.

Open workshop program

Each semester we offer a new workshop program open to (assistant) professors, postgraduate students and research assistants as well as interested administrative staff. Regular workshop topics include "Teaching and Learning in Natural Sciences", "Strategies for Active Learning in Seminars and Lectures", "Rhetorics and Public Speaking" and "Teaching and Learning in Laboratories".

Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Postgraduate students and research assistants are invited to attend a structured, 12-18 months long qualification program during which they gain a practical and theoretical background in teaching and learning in Higher Education. The program starts once per year in March.

Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education for Student Tutors

For student tutors we offer a certified qualification program that includes two modules (basic and advanced) and requires the composition of a teaching portfolio in order to receive the certificate.

Training program for oriental tutors

For oriental tutors and mentors we offer a training program to support their work with national and international freshman students during the orientation weeks at TU Clausthal and the first semester. For oriental tutors (Unilotsen) who work with international freshman students for longer periods of time we additionally offer a training and supervision program in cooperation with the International Center Clausthal.

Consulting and coaching

We offer support in form of workshops by request and consulting sessions for departments and chairs to develop their curricula as well as their teaching skills. Furthermore instructors are invited to contact us for individual coaching sessions concerning their teaching and other parts of their professional career.

Technology-enhanced learning tools

In cooperation with the computer center of TU Clausthal we help instructors and learners to use multimedia services and electronic tools to support their teaching and learning. Our aim is to develop teaching and learning concepts that integrate electronic tools so they are a real asset and not just a "modern add-on".

Prize for innovative teaching projects

TU Clausthal values successful teaching and learning and yearly awards a 10,000 € prize for innovative teaching projects. All instructors are invited to submit proposals outlining their idea for innovative teaching, which are then rated by a student committee. The ZHD offers advice to all applicants throughout the application process and supports the implementation of awarded projects.


The ZHD works in close cooperation with colleagues from the Section for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education of the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen and from the Center for successful Teaching and Learning of Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences.

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